Webinar: Strengthen your Digital Thread with MBE

Brought to you by Razorleaf, a driving force in the evolution of CAD

Date: January 28th, 2021 

Time: 1pm EST

This webinar will showcase how you can utilize different techniques for managing data such as requirements, CAD files, and simulations to unlock new potential for optimizing product designs for better decision making and collaboration.

Our speakers, Jonathan Scott and Derek Neiding, will share examples on how to leverage a Model Based Enterprise that can maximize your competitive advantage by speeding innovation, increasing operating efficiencies, and improving customer experience across the product lifecycle.

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Attendees will learn:

  • The practical meaning of a Model Based Enterprise (MBE) 
  • How PLM can be configured to manage requirements to help automate Model Based data sets
  • The benefits of moving content out of documents and into reusable records/data  
  • The concept of connecting actionable parameters to engineering models and simulation scenarios 
  • The advantages of establishing an MBE and Digital Thread foundation

The speakers:

Jonathan Scott

Chief Architect

Jonathan Scott is a digital transformation evangelist promoting the use of digital thread and digital twin concepts. He helps both commercial and government clients with product digitalization strategies using PLM technologies as a backbone. Mr. Scott leverages his former roles as project manager, technical consultant, developer, and user on multiple PLM platforms and CAD platforms along with his background in mechanical engineering in the context of the nuclear industry and transportation industry. 

Derek Neiding

Engagement Director

Derek Neiding has been with Razorleaf since its founding holding a variety of roles in Razorleaf’s PLM, SharePoint and ERP businesses. Early in his career at Razorleaf Derek was involved in PLM pre-sales technical support, project scoping and management and PLM-related development. Derek serves as Razorleaf’s Engagement Director where he serves as a key liaison between clients, sales and service delivery teams. 

For more information on this event and previous On Demand webinars from the series please visit Razorleaf.