Expending on Popular PLM Themes and Looking Forward to Further Insights in 2021

In a previous post, I highlighted the top 5 PLM insight posts viewed in 2020 on the momentum-plm.com website. Broadly speaking, the most popular themes included people related PLM topics: attracting and developing talents, learning and education, solution architecture, people and stakeholder management. 

In this post, I expand on popular PLM themes and open the door to readers for suggestions and comments about future publications: what themes should be covered, expanded further or avoided, what has captured your interest, what have you missed or would you like to read more, what format works best for you, what could be improved and how (all ideas and considerations are welcome! See contact details at the end of the post).

People play an important (the most important?) part of any PLM implementations, through OEMs, their supply chain, technology vendors system integrators and reseller networks:

  • Business leaders decide to invest into PLM solutions when they understand the continuous value they can bring to their operations.
  • Users work with PLM platforms and related processes and tools as a mandatory environment (system, process, governance) to collaborate across teams and organizations.
  • PLM delivery and support teams drive business change and continuous improvements across several process groups and functions, based on a given scope.
  • PLM vendors drive new technology platforms, leveraging process and digitalization advances across an ever-expanding scope and scale, aiming at industry specific practice requirements.

What do you expect to read and see more in 2021—on the momentum-plm.com platform, in context of PLM obviously (or whatever it means for you and your organization)?

See a number of considerations below:

Insights about PLM roles

There are many PLM-related roles yet to cover: e.g., PLM Project Managers, technical and industry experts, transformation Program Directors, Strategic Advisors, Support Engineer, AMS and DevOps experts, Technical Experts, etc. Does it make sense to cover them all and assess overlaps and differences, or should we focus on how to allow them to work effectively together?

Industry insights and return-on-experience

Other insights and future posts can also cover lessons learned from challenging (yet successful) PLM implementations, what constitute ‘good practice’ when deploying such solutions, what do’s and don’ts can be shared across projects and contexts?

Insights about product development operations

Responding to given pain points and industry requirements is not trivial: it must be done in context, and there is not ‘ready-made answer’ or solution. There are also many technologies advances, and yet expectations that things will get simpler. How does this translate to reality for small, medium and large enterprises? How does PLM adoption differ between start-ups and established businesses?

Insights about enterprise data continuity and process intelligence

Beyond enabling business operations, both data continuity and process intelligence converge towards enabling product creation. There are many topics and insights to cover when it comes to understanding the product creation process: how to manage deliverables, how to improve product quality, ensure compliance and alignment to standards, track requirement definition and validation, align BOM and CAD, maintain technical publications across manufacturing and service, etc.?

What other themes should be covered, and how do you relate to these? E.g., personal interest, own role, future career move, etc.

What are your thoughts?

Note: if you would like to read about specific insights on a given theme that you believe is relevant to the PLM discipline, feel free to drop the author a direct message with the rationale for your suggestion, or get in touch via this contact form.

This is an original publication by:

Momentum PLM and written by Lionel Grealou

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